Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2016

The overarching forecast for Spring/Summer 2016 is TRANS.

The concept of ‘trans’ defines a brave new era of perpetual movement and transformation. Here, opposites merge into composites and design becomes a means of blending and merging in innovative and surprising ways.

In this exciting world of new possibilities and solutions, strict definitions are evolving to become more fluid, established limits are shifting and boundaries are broken. By transcending class, race and gender, a more accepting and less-judgemental world is emerging in which cultural and geographical divisions become blurred and people begin to move collectively. This moment of transition also has an impact upon time and space, blending the past and present, the cosmos and the oceans, for spring/summer 2016 – and beyond.

TRANS is then broken down into four macro trends – Soft Pop, Deep Summer, Eco Active and Past Modern.

Soft Pop

Playful and emotional themes carry intellectual weight in a new cultural climate: frilly decoration can be subversive, and intuition influences design that embraces ‘soft power’ and a creative mix of the senses. This is driven by a more comprehensive approach to identity and the modern rebranding of feminism, making for an all-inclusive world view no longer constrained by gender, sexuality or ethnicity.

Deep Summer

The strange beauty of the deep sea reminds us of the wonders of the universe and the fantastical possibilities of going beyond its limits. Science takes on a cinematic quality in this preserved world where an unscripted drama is played out by weird creatures, bio-mimicry and morphing substances. Rare and contrasting materials take on an otherworldly importance, often in suspended and floating states. The atmosphere is ephemeral, refined and darkly compelling.


Eco Active

The story of our world is both natural and manmade – and as we come to terms with the effect we’re having on our planet, we are taking a more active role in finding solutions. The global community is gathering to help avoid the loss of ancient cultures and the Earth as we know it. As our survival instincts kick in, sport becomes more extreme, we explore alternative design solutions to basic needs, and new city concepts focus on shifts in geography and populations.

Past Modern

As the past takes on new relevance and time becomes non-linear, the terms ‘future’ and ‘progress’ are interpreted in different ways. The old and new form unlikely partnerships as fresh interpretations of masterpieces clear the way for a subtle return to romance and opulence. The timelines are being removed from history, and we see a pairing of the digital and the crafted, museums becoming ‘experiences’, and archiving developing into a creative form of expression.