Textile Trends Fall/Winter 2017/18

One goal of ISPO MUNICH is to be a gateway for future trends. In cooperation with a trend expert ISPO MUNICH studied various global trends with influence on the textile industry and its products. In combination with the defined trend colors and five more detailed textile trends, these mega trends provide a good vision where the future of textiles will take us.

ISPO MUNICH is very pleased to have the opportunity to share these visions for Fall/Winter 2017/18 with the textile industry and to use these trends as a basic guideline for ISPO TEXTRENDS 2016. The mega trends show visions that are not specific to one particular area but will influence the entire textile chain right down to the consumer.

The color cards and the textile trends result from a range of influences, from consumer behavior to the global economy. Film, music, social media, art and many other activities are reflected in these trends. They form a basic guideline how new developments and innovations of ingredient products will be shown, presented and highlighted at ISPO TEXTRENDS 2016.

Textile Trends:
Contact, Probe, Schismatic, Transcendental, Defense

Five textile trends reflect a variety of influences from consumer behavior to the state of the global economy.

Trend 1 – Contact. This trend focuses on the improvement of physical performance with the help of clothing. The primary topics include body heat and exercise, as well as protection against weather conditions.

Trend 2 – Probe. Probe discusses the interpretation of old traditions turning them into new concepts. The focus is on the new. How can the existing be improved by using state-of-the-art technologies?

Trend 3 – Schismatic. This trend moves away from tradition and perfectionism towards the unusual and unique. The goal is to develop apparel for a variety of uses, complementing the taste of the next generation and reflecting a completely new style.

Trend 4 – Transcendental. New fibers for extremely lightweight products that also offer a high degree of performance. They will feature completely new levels of light refraction and luminosity in the coming season.

Trend 5 – Defense. Robust fabrics and components increase the usable life of sportswear products thanks to their durable features.