Exhibiton, Event and Venue Management

BeyondFrame undertakes projects on turnkey basis from concept to commissioning and ensures effective management of all operational activities from identification and articulation of objectives to the continuous monitoring and evaluation of projects culminating in the fulfillment of targets within the stipulated time frame.A strong resource base and a professionally competent and dedicated workforce have ensured a comprehensive presence and strengthened our core competency in all areas of our services.

We are well equipped with the following infrastructure: 

  • Facilities and warehouse
    • Large Production Units and Warehouses in different cities
    • Waterproof Hanger Structures which can cover upto24000 sq.mtr. area at a time.
    • More than 20000 sq.mtr. Exhibition Stalls materials is available
  • Logistics
    • Smooth Transportation system for the movement of the materials
  • Workforce
    • Experienced and Dedicated Team from Designers, Mangers to Ground Staff

We have our own set ups at:

  • Delhi,
  • Jaipur
  • Chandigarh.

We also mark our presence in:

  • Middle east
    Dubai . Abu Dhabi .Bahrain .Tehran. Doha
  • Western Europe
    Frankfurt. Madrid. Milan. Paris. Vienna .Warsaw
  • Eastern Europe
    Moscow . St. Petersburg. Minsk . Kiev
  • South East Asia
    Bangkok. Singapore, Vietnam, Seoul, Hong Kong
  • America
    New York, California, Chicago


Our unique combination of talent and industrial capacity provides our clients with the flexibility creativity and technology necessary to stay at the top of their industry in our increasingly competitive market place. We produce high quality bespoke design and construction services for our clients, all of whom are unique.