Digital Marketing For Home Furnishing Industry


Identifying Your Buyers in the Digital Marketing Funnel
Digital marketing strategy will help you target the right message to buyers / B2B / Retail Chain at each stage of the  sales funnel–whether it’s helping them find your brand, narrowing down their selection, or ultimately leading them to a purchase.

To target each of these types of buyers / B2B / Retail Chain, you need to understand their mindsets at each stage of the sales funnel. At Blueport, we target shoppers at three different stages: Awareness, consideration & engagement, and purchase:

These top-of-funnel shoppers are also called “Home Enthusiasts.” They are starting to look at furniture, but may not necessarily be considering a purchase anytime soon.

Consideration & Engagement:
The mid-funnel tier involves “Active Shoppers.” These are shoppers who are looking to buy furniture and are narrowing down the perfect pieces.

Bottom-of-funnel shoppers are “Ready-to-Buy.” They have narrowed down their selection, researched both online and in-store and have all the information they need to make their purchase.


Home Furnishings:- Bathroom Linen, Bean Bags, Bedding & Linen, Carpets & Rugs, Curtains & Accessories, Cushions & Cushion Covers, Diwan Set, Fabric, Kitchen Linen, Slipcovers

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